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About Omegle

In 2009, precisely on the March 25, when a young talented boy named Leif K Brooks came up with an idea of Omegle as an online chat platform, little did he knew it would become a trend that now has millions of users worldwide. It's a website that allows you to talk to a stranger one-on-one and in the process makes new friend. Initially, this site was designed only to chat through text but in 2010 it introduced video tool where users can talking using webcams. This era of getting in touch and creating contact with any person from any part of the globe through internet has given so many online chat platforms such as Omegle to thrive beyond their initial objectives.

By using this site, you do not need to register to become a member; all you have to do is get on the page and you're on chatting with someone completely unknown to you. It allows two different types of online chats-text and video chat and all the time spent with your newly found friend are totally free! Omegle has terms which should be agreed to before it can be used; for instance, you should be 18 years old and above or more than 13 years but with parent's permission. It also created a platform for college or university students to chat with mates and share information such as email address. The video chat is monitored so as to control pornography and prevent misuse by users.

The site picks a person at a random whom you could chat with anonymously but you can as well expose your identity which it strongly discouraged by omegle. It also makes it possible for you to discontinue discussions at any given time if you found it uncomfortable or bored. However, the ability for users to choose their area of interests to search for a like-minded stranger with common topic of discussion as being a great relief to unwanted issues and with tens of thousand users meeting online to chat at the same time, omegle remains one of the most used social platforms on the internet.